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Chopping Board Stand


Natural Wood


Teak Wood


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Personalized Gift Boxes: Elevate Your Festive Gifting with Elegance

Personalized Gift Boxes: Elevate Your Festive Gifting with Elegance

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Transform Your Walls with Decor That Blends with Interiors

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Mix and match your kitchenware and serveware for an elegant table setting

Mix and match your kitchenware and serveware for an elegant table setting

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Table Setting Ideas for Everyday

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No-Bake, delicious and healthy festive desserts with ellementry kitchenware

No-Bake, delicious and healthy festive desserts with ellementry kitchenware

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Monsoon Overstay: Care tips for Home

Monsoon Overstay: Care tips for Home

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Indulge in warmth and explore new flavors with our bakeware

Indulge in warmth and explore new flavors with our bakeware

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FAQ On Accessories Products

What materials are Accessories made of?
The Accessories is available in Teak Wood, Marble.
What is the Shipping cost of Accessories?
A shipping cost is charged if the product’s price is below INR 1000. However, when the product’s price is more than INR 1000, the shipping is free.
What is the minimum and maximum price range of Accessories products?
The Accessories products range from the lowest price being INR 450 to the highest price being INR 2090.
How many products are available in Accessories?
There are total 4 products in Accessories Category.
What are the best selling products in Accessories?
Zigzag Marble Chopping Board Stand, teak wood scooper small (set of 2), teak wood scooper medium, teak wood scooper large are the best selling products in Accessories Category.

Kitchen accessories 

Wooden scoops are incredibly functional, and they look great in any kitchen. A wooden scoop is an essential modular kitchen accessory that helps you in providing an easy way to scoop out essentials like pulses, flour, sugar, rice or bulk foods like beans or pasta and more. These handcrafted scoops are durable and elegant, ideally suited for scooping out dry material. As these food-safe scoops are made of wood so they won't, they won't rust, corrode, or alter the taste of your food. The beautiful wooden scoops will handle all your scooping needs. These lovely wood scoops will handle all your scooping needs correctly. The beauty of Ellementry products is that they make mundane beautiful. The wood adds a little country style to your kitchen or pantry. These wooden scoops will look elegant in a glass jar, and the size of these scoops are perfect for taking out grains or powdered food. These are carefully shaped and sanded for a silky smooth feel, then finished with a food-safe coating to give it an additional coat. These kitchen accessories can be shopped online at Ellementry.  

Advantage of kitchen accessories

When it comes to the right portions for cooking, different households have different versions: three cups of water from the coffee mug for three usual cups of rice is what a standard recipe sounds like. Or it rests at that one cup that comes with a jar set as a freebie. Why can't there be one standard for all measures that gets it perfectly and look good too? Meet our wooden scoopers. They're more than just measuring spoons, they let you scoop the exact amount you'll need for any recipe. Handcrafted with wood, they look beautiful, compliment your storage jars and bring the extra-ordinary in the ordinary. The wood gets a coat of food-safe lacquer that maintains international standards. Break an everyday pattern with our 'Wooden Measure Scoopers'.

Advantage of a wooden scooper

Hygienic - While working in the kitchen, we have to take out various things from the jar. Solid things are easy to extract using bare hands, but what about flour, pulses, sugar, rice and more? One can use his hand for the purpose, but that would be unhygienic. The best way to maintain complete hygiene is by using a scooper to manoeuvre large amounts of product at once for quick and easy food preparation.

Ergonomic Design- The design of the wooden scooper is such that it is easy to hold and scoop and a smooth finish that will ensure no scratches on the jar. 

Multipurpose- Wooden scooper comes is very useful in the kitchen. You may use it to measure and scoop ingredients like sugar, grains, pulses and more. 

Perfect measuring – In cooking, measuring ingredients plays an important part. It is best for measuring as well as scooping. It is solid and durable, insulated and heat-resistant, food-safe, 

Handmade- It is entirely handmade and made of teak wood. Ellementry wooden scoop is perfect for flour and makes a great cook gift. It is an heirloom piece, and with proper care, it will last a lifetime.

Scoopfuls of positivity and good cheer for you and for your kitchen too!

Chopping Board Stand

The cutting board is one of the essential items in a kitchen. If you cook a lot, you most likely have several of them. Now you can have your chopping boards always at hand and homed in an elegant stand when you're not using them. This beautifully handcrafted chopping board stand made from marble will help you in storing and organizing all your chopping boards in one place.

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